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Low-temperature plasma dynamic air disinfection machine

Short Description:

●Dynamic air disinfection, efficient & active

●full coverage of the disinfection area: 80㎡

●Low-temperature plasma dielectric barrier micro-discharge & micro-manufacturing technology

Product Detail

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● professional disinfection

Volume configuration mode: Enter the volume of the space to be disinfected, and then start it with one key, the system will automatically configure the single disinfection time and perform disinfection.

Time configuration mode: Enter the disinfection time, and the system will perform disinfection according to the scheduled disinfection time.

Timed disinfection mode: Set the disinfection time in advance, and the system will perform disinfection according to the preset disinfection mode after this time point.

Disinfection report: The disinfection report can be uploaded to the mobile terminal, and the start time and end time of the disinfection can be queried through the report.

Reminder of lack of disinfectant: During the disinfection process, when the disinfectant is lower than the atomization safety threshold, the local buzzer will alarm and upload the information to the mobile terminal. At the same time, the system will automatically stop disinfection to protect the atomization module.

Disinfection dosage: The large amount of fog output of 5L/H and the spray distance> 5 meters can achieve the disinfection effect in a short time in a large space.

● Human-computer interaction

Local interaction: You can view the disinfection configuration information and system status by pressing the buttons to cooperate with the display.

Remote interaction: You can view the disinfection configuration information and system status by setting remotely via mobile phone.

● Intelligent design

Dry and wet separation: Modular design is convenient for adding and draining disinfectant and is conducive to subsequent installation and maintenance.

Customized color scheme: The color scheme can be changed according to the customer's scenes.



Low-temperature plasma dynamic air disinfection machine white for home, school, public places

Small and lightweight, environmental protection without pollution


Dynamic air disinfection is a method that uses low- temperature plasma dynamic air disinfection and cleaning technology to achieve safe, accurate and efficient indoor air and surface disinfection. This medical professional- grade disinfection method will not interfere with the environment and will not affect normal human activities. The low temperature plasma in the equipment produces charged particles: particles and reactive oxygen components play a major role in the process of killing bacteria and viruses, with a broad spectrum of sterilization effect. Not only can inactivate the aerosol plankton in the air and the bacteria and viruses on the surface of objects, but also effectively decompose formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, degrade all kinds of odors, purify the air environment. A small amount of highly pure ozone. This product belongs to the active dynamic air disinfection special equipment, in the effective range can achieve no dead corner of the full range of disinfection and clean indoor air environment. When used correctly, it will not cause substantial harm to human body and will not produce secondary pollutants to the environment. It can play a timely and efficient role in restraining the spread and diffusion of infectious diseases in the population.


1.Indoor dynamic air and surface disinfection and cleaning

2.Real-time disinfection technology that does not cause harm or interference to the people in the indoor space environment.

3.The product adopts an efficient and active disinfection method that has no interference and no harm to the environment and the people.

4.The product adopts low-temperature plasma dielectric barrier micro- discharge technology and micro-manufacturing technology.

5.Ozone purification and compound disinfection factors achieve safe and efficient disinfection.

6.Effectively deodorize and eliminate unpleasant smells in the air
7.Applicable area is large, 80㎡

Note: Do not use at home or in small space for more than 6 hours at an interval of 2 hours; it can be used continuously in the public environment where the crowd flows. Products installed on the roof or wall as much as possible from the ground 1.8 meters height. Because of the heavy ion diffusion down, high range fixed installation will be more safe and effective


Voltage : AC100-240V Maximum power : 6W Weight : 0.8kg
Product Size : 190*190*50mm Noise : 26db Temperature : 0~40°C
Humidity: Up to 95%RH Applicable area : 80㎡ Total energy consumption: 5W
Function: Operate directly with the switch button on the device. Press once to turn on, and press again to turn off.


Family, school, public places, in the special environment, such as hospitals, toilets and other serious pollution places, can be increased use.


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