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AM1 portable atomizing sterilize parameter

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    Hardware parameter

    Weight 9kg
    Outline Dimensions 418x192x390mm
    Atomized particle size  Average 1-6μm
    * Atomizing speed ≥30ml/min
    • * Atomization outlet rotation


    The atomization outlet rotates back and forth in the range of 270°, enabling dry fog to fill the disinfection space quickly and evenly.  
    • * Atomized particles directly cover diameter


    *Maximum coverage area 165m³
    Working temperature and humidity -10℃~50℃,0~80%RH
    Power AC220V,50Hz mains power supply or lithium battery power station
    *Special power station It can provide 2 hours of continuous operation for sterilizer 
    Disinfectant  7.5% hydrogen peroxide solution 
    Installation method of disinfectant  1 litre disinfectant bottle is clamped, solution bottle can be replaced directly. 
    • ABS flame retardant housing, corrosion resistant


    * portable Ergonomic design, easy to hold and move. 
    Control and system
    • 2.8-inch display


    • Touch the keys
    Emergency push button
    • Red emergency button


    status lamp  Machine top status light display 
    • When the tilt of the sterilizer exceeds 30°, it automatically stops disinfection


    Anti dry burning Automatically stop disinfection when the disinfectant is used up 
    Remote control It can be controlled by wireless remote control 
    Mobile control It can be controlled by small program APP 
    *Networking It can be connected to the cloud platform through 4G network 
    Operation  Visual convenient operation, simple and convenient, the system automatically calculates the spray time according to the setting space. Automatic stop after disinfection.   
    Disinfection of waiting  After starting disinfection, there is a 30-second disinfection wait time for personnel to exit the disinfection site.  
    Sterilization capability and application scenarios 
    Sterilization level  Up to LG6 killing rate 
    disinfection rate Killing rate of air disinfection 99.99%,Killing rate of surface disinfection 99.999% 
    Range of application Disinfection of ambulances, buses, nursing homes, pet shops, toilets, toll booths and small Spaces.  

 Portable atomizing sterilizer     4.6860 Portable atomizing sterilizer   4 Portable atomizing sterilizer 4.686041 Portable atomizing sterilizer 4.686042


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