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AD10 Dry Fog Hydrogen Peroxide Intelligent Disinfection Machine

Short Description:


1. > 5m in diameter of spray coverage, with higher disinfection efficiency.

2. More even coverage, with the 50° swing spray from left to right.

3. Dry fog hydrogen peroxide intelligent disinfection machine: terminal disinfection

Product Detail

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The 7.5% hydrogen peroxide solution is atomized and sprayed by a special nozzle under physical pressure, so as to form a submicron sterilization factor in dry fog state, which can freely diffuse into the air. The hydrogen peroxide in this state quickly acts on bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms in the environment, which can simultaneously realize good disinfection on the air and object surface. 


Max running speed 1m/s
Passing capability Maximum 2.5cm step and maximum 3cm gap
Walking area Multi-area map can be set to switch different disinfection scenarios.
Navigate mode Laser navigation, visual navigation, and autonomous obstacle avoidance.
Disinfection machine control Pad control with multi-level authority control
Disinfection records Keeping disinfection records for traceability
Network WIFI、4G/5G
Power supply Lithium battery
Working temperature -10℃~40℃
Spray velocity ≥55ml/min
Charging Standard charger (optional automatic charging)
Disinfectant 7.5% H2O2 solution
Typical particle diameter 1-10μm
Sterilization effect ≥99.99%
Sterilization time 20-60 minutes continuous disinfection after spraying (Time varies according to different environments)
Disinfection volume ≤1500m³
Solution tank 10L
Disinfection effect After disinfection, the hydrogen peroxide is decomposed into H2 and O2, without residues, secondary pollutants and hazardous substances.
Sterilization types It can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic coccus, and bacteria and spore in the air, to achieve a broad-spectrum sterilization effect.
Spray/coverage diameter >5m
Size 540*365*770mm
Weight 75kg
Features of the disinfection machine It can automatically run disinfection, with + 50° swing spray from right to left, uniform diffusion, and rotation cycle 5S. It can also be linked with elevator and door control commissioning. 

Application scenarios

1.Hospitals (operating room, consulting room, negative pressure ward, drug changing room, etc.);

2.Center for Disease Control (Disease Control Department, Department of Planned Immunity, Physical Examination Department, Surveillance Department, etc.);

3.Pharmaceutical factory, food factory (production clean areas);

4.Rail transportation (metro carriages, high-speed rail carriages, etc.);

5.School (classroom, offices, canteen, etc.)

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